Characters Profile

Name: Sakuro Azuma

D.O.B: 31st January

Age: 20

Height:175 cm

Hair: dyed-black

Status: 1st year freshman in University of Dura. Second eldest from 4 siblings. His special skill is he can sleep whenever it is    convenient. He is a year late in attending the university because he had a major accident during his high school. So he and his younger brother Sakuro Aishima attend the same university at same time.


Name: Zaque Samael

D.O.B: 23rd August


Height: 180 cm

Hair: Blonde

Status: He is a friend of Aishima from the high school. Azuma often went to his house to discuss about their assignment because they are classmates. He is a genius in martial art. He doesn’t seems to be interested in anything but he has a little secret….


Name: Gonzu

D.O.B: unknown

Age: unknown

Height: 178 cm

Hair: White

Status: A guardian from East Tenkai Academy. He and Honzu are responsible for testing Azuma. Gonzu and Honzu was known as the left and the right eyes of the East Tenkai even though he looks like a hoodlum he is surprisingly a very calm person. They were twins~

Name: Honzu



Height:178 cm

Hair: White

Status: Gonzu twin’s even though their faces are the same but their attitudes are different. Honzu prefer to get the job done as fast as possible. His actions speaks more than his word.

Name: Tsuga

D.O.B : 31st January

Age: unkown

Height: 183 cm

Hair: light blue

Status: Tsuga is not his real name. It is just an alias used. He was seen with the director of East Tenkai Academy and seems to be interested with Azuma. Apparently he is someone from Azuma’s past….

Name: Ginmaru~?


Age: unknown

Height: 185 cm

Hair: Silver

Status: A being who is locked inside the Genryuden realm. Is he the yurei?? Hmm....[because his looks is not kakkoi enough hehheeh]



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